Winter Caravanning


Winter is a strange season to decide to go on holiday in your static caravan or motor home, but if you have paid money for it then why not use it to its maximum potential. Like a dog not being for Christmas, a caravan does not just have to be for summer.

Sometimes campsites can be a lot quieter during the winter months, which is understandable, so in a selfish way it means you can have a much quieter and more relaxed holiday. When visiting local attractions you will find there are less queues and you will be able to get round the attractions easier and be able to see more in more of a laid-back surroundings.

The winter months are also great times to chat to fellow hardy caravanners and ‘stay-cationers’. These people tend to have a lot of experience and will have top tips for conserving energy, keeping the caravan warm throughout colder weather seasons and lots of other things you may not even realise you needed to know.

Campsites and Holiday Parks have improved a lot over the years and you will notice that many now have heated toilet blocks and hot and steamy showers, your perfect home comforts while on holiday.

You will find that some Holiday Parks close over the winter season, but having a quick look on the site of the Holiday Park or contacting them direct is an easy way to find out when the site is open and when it is closed.

Going away for Christmas can be a great way to get away from the stresses at home, to have a private getaway and relax. You could even take a stroll to the nearest restaurant for a proper Christmas Dinner and a glass of festive tipple.

If camping in winter is not for you then make sure you prepare your caravan for the cold winter, ensure that you fully drain the water system and water heater as this will help avoid damage through the pipes being frozen.

It is also recommended that you remove all soft furnishings from the caravan and store them in the house as this will stop them from getting damp and will allow a better circulation of air within the caravan.

Most importantly you need to make sure your caravan is secure and locked when you are not using it for longer periods of time as over time it will become a target for thieves.

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