Haul out your old caravan for your next holiday!

Did you know that there are more than one million caravans currently in use in the UK; almost 5% of which were bought this year. However, while more people appear to be purchasing caravans, there is a considerable amount of people that have caravans sitting in their garage collecting dust.

The good news is that caravanning is starting to become popular again in the UK and here are some reasons why!

Finances are limited  

Let’s face it, times are hard, most of us are on a very limited budget which doesn’t allow for a holiday abroad. So, you cannot take a luxury trip to paradise but there are some lovely locations in the UK which cater to caravans for a fraction of the cost.

Family time!

To coin a phrase, a family that goes caravanning together, stays together! There simply is no better way to bond with your family than to take them on a caravan holiday. It brings everyone together and really strengthens the family bonds.


Parents will likely have some cherished memories of caravan holidays with the family and want to share those experiences with their own children. So clean up your old caravan and take a look at some of the best caravan holidays in the UK!

Why Used Caravans Are A Better Option?

While planning short breaks in Wales, deciding to acquire a used static caravan is a smart decision. Used static caravans are a great choice for every holidayer whether he lives in the UK or in some other country. Choosing used caravans over new ones is a wise thing to do. Why so? Find out below.

You Can Resell the Caravan Anytime

One of the reasons why you should opt for a used static caravan instead of a new one is that there is less risk involved. Doesn’t matter what the reason is, whenever you want to resell your static caravan, you will face a minimal loss. On the other hand, a new caravan would cost you more but will make you face bigger lose while reselling.

You Can Spend Saved Money on the Caravan Interior

If you choose to go for a used static caravan, you will be able to save a lot of money. You can then utilise this remaining capital anywhere you want. Mostly people use the saved money on the upgrading of the caravan’s interior. You can do the same if you want.

You Can Rent Out the Caravan without Worrying

Since the static caravan would already be a used one, not much harm can be done to them if you rent them out. No matter what kind of tenants you find, you will keep feeling secure and the resale value won’t depreciate much as well. However, if you want to be on a safer side, ask your tenants to sign a contract assuring that the tenants will fix or pay for the damages they do to the caravans.

Thus, these are some of the reasons that make used caravans better than new caravans. So when you plan on taking short breaks in Wales the next time, opt for used but well-maintained static caravans over the new ones.

Should You Insure Your Static Caravan?

Should You Insure Your Static CaravanSo you are aware of how great static holiday caravans are. You must also be aware of the fact that finding the best caravan would cost you a large amount of money. There are also fewer chances of you not knowing that acquiring caravans by the sea side or beautiful greenery would cost you more than the caravans located on the regular sights. But do you know that just like cars and houses, caravans can also be insured?

Why Should You Insure Your Static Caravan?

Most people are not aware holiday caravans can in fact be insured. Reasons of insuring a caravan are simple such as; an insurance policy for the static caravan will cover a caravan’s breakages, leaking, plumbing, electrical costs. This can provide great mental peace to the static caravan owner.

If It’s a New Caravan; Most Definitely.

Acquiring insurance for a used caravan isn’t very important. However, acquiring a policy for the new one is a must. For the reason that new caravans are more expensive and even the tiniest scratch on its body can ruin its overall look, it is important that the caravan is ensured. Although, insuring anything that means a lot to you is worth doing too.

Do you have to use the company recommended by the caravan park?

If your caravan park is offering you an insurance company then you can most definitely take the offer. However, the wiser thing to do is to look for other options in the market before going for the company which is recommended by the caravan park management. If you are in luck, you would be able to find a better insurance policy than the one being offered by the company recommended by the caravan park team.

So should you insure your static caravan? Of course you should. If you are looking for cheap caravan holidays, you need to make sure that you don’t have to take care of the caravan repairing costs which can only be done if your caravan is insured. Thus, insure your caravan now for the assurance of hassle-free and cheap caravan holidays.

Entertain the Children during the Holiday Journey

Entertain the Children during the Holiday JourneyAs parents, we all know how bored children can get on their way to the family caravan holiday so it’s really important that you keep your children entertained during the journey – to help protect the sanity of your whole family. In this article we discuss just a few things you and your family can do to keep stop boredom on the journey to your caravanning holiday;

  • Play ‘I Spy’, it’s a really simple game where the first person says “I Spy something beginning with …” and then gives the first letter that everyone in the car can see. For example it may be something beginning with ‘c’ and the answer could be cars. Everyone takes turn to guess what it could be and the first one who gets it right is the next person to have a go!
  • Find the Car. The driver calls out a colour and everyone must shout when they see that colour car. The first person to spot five cars of the selected colour wins that round and then chooses the next colour car to spot.
  • Make a Word is a game for older children. You all have to spot words in the number plates on cars that go past you on the road. Numbers can be used as letters, for example 3 can be E and 0 can be O.
  • You can play ‘Catch the Waves’ this is when you wave out the window on your side of the car and count how many people wave back. A time limit is put on the game and the winner is the person who gets the most waves back from drivers.

What games do you play on long car journeys to your caravan holiday?

Questions You Should Ask While Buying Static Caravans

Questions You Should Ask While Buying Static CaravansIf you are planning to buy a new or used static caravan, there are a number of questions that need to be answered. You have to first visit your preferred holiday park so that you can find out if the option you are opting for is right for you and your family. While selecting a static caravan for short breaks in the UK, the questions you require answering are as follows:

Question#1: Does the holiday park offer the facilities you require?

The first question to ask is whether or not the holiday park offers the facilities you and your family wants. If it doesn’t, don’t choose the particular static caravan park as it won’t facilitate you the way you want.

Question#2: What is the total cost involved?

The total cost involved is often more than you are being initially told. You should ask about all the costs that you would have to take care of before you take over the caravan. The costs involved will also include the taxes, maintenance fee and so on.

Question#3: How long does the holiday park open during the year?

Not all the holiday parks stay opened all year round. This is because, well, they are holiday parks! They aren’t supposed to stay open 12 months a year. However, you should emphasis on this question as this can make or break the deal.

Question#4: Can the static caravan be rented out?

You don’t know when you are need of renting out the static caravan for short breaks in the UK. The reason could be that you need money or just cannot live in the caravan for a long time. Whatever the reason is, you should hold the power to rent the caravan out whenever you want. So ask the caravan provider whether or not you have the option to rent the caravan out.

Thus these are some of the most important questions that you have to ask your static caravan provider to make sure that you are investing in the right property. If the caravan provider fails to convince you with their answers, move on to another provider that can satisfy you.

The Weekend Is Here!

the weekend is hereYou have worked hard all week long and the weekend is finally here – Hip Hip Hooray! Put your feet up, relax and enjoy yourself. If you buy a mobile home, purchase a park home or hire a static caravan the possibilities of the fun you can have this weekend will be endless!

You can literally go straight on holiday from work every Friday, drive off to your little holiday in your own little (what feels like) paradise and chill out. You can enjoy a fishing holiday every weekend of the year if you choose to do so!

If you like bike rides in the woods you could enjoy them every weekend from your adorable holiday home, which has everything you need under one roof. Just make sure you choose a holiday home on a holiday park in or near the woods.

If you are a sun worshipper, maybe choose to buy a park home on a holiday park near the beach, this way every weekend of sunshine can be a holiday at the beach.

With a holiday home the ideas for a weekend away are endless!

Looking For the Best Static Caravan Deals? Chose the Winter Season

Looking For the Best Static Caravan Deals Chose the Winter Season.If you have decided to acquire a static caravan for a short break in the UK, you are not the only one. There are thousands of people that are realising sooner or later that owning a static caravan is the best decision for spending quality family caravan holidays. When looking for the best static caravan deals, winter is one of the most appropriate times to start the search.

On many static caravan parks, the prices of the caravans are low in the winter season. This is because most of the tourists end their vacation as soon as the winter arrives and many caravan parks get emptied. This is the scenario when caravan park owners or managements bring the prices of the caravans down. As a result, high quality caravans located on the most beautiful spots in the UK are made available on cheaper prices during the winter.

However, the prices of the static caravans would vary city to city and area to area. There would be those static caravan parks as well that would be as expensive in the winters as they are in other seasons. It is you who has to search for your desired caravan until you find the right one. You can find cost-friendly static caravans during the summer as well and all you would have to do is to do your research, find various deals, compare them and finally select your desired static caravan.

The process of finding a good static caravan deal for family caravan holidays isn’t too difficult. You can choose your favourite search engine to start your search using keywords such as “second hand static caravans”, “holiday homes for sale in UK” and so on. After finding a number of websites providing different static caravans in various prices, you have to choose the one that seems most appropriate to you.

The Life Cycle of a Marshmallow

The Life Cycle of a Marshmallow

The lifecycle of a marshmallow is a pretty sad state of events, it starts out all squishy and happy and then it goes off on a family caravan holiday and gets stabbed through the middle with a stick, fork or prong. The marshmallow then gets put over a BBQ at the holiday park and gets toasted ready for munching by those enjoying their family caravanning holiday. That’s it; the happy squishy marshmallow has been born, stabbed, burnt and then chomped on – what a sorry state of affairs?

If you feel sorry for the marshmallow then why not consider some other sweet treats to enjoy on your caravan holiday, sweet treat ideas that still involve a family BBQ but with no harm to the happy squishy marshmallow?

Maybe try something like chocolate bananas? Take the banana out of its skin, make small slits in the banana and put chocolate buttons into these slits. Then wrap the banana in tinfoil and place in the coals of the BBQ. After a few minutes you will be able to enjoy a delicious (and a little bit healthy) dessert without any harm being caused to happy squishy marshmallows!

Want To Do A Fitness Test During Your Wales Caravan Holiday?

welsh iron man challengeIf you are feeling fit and healthy then why not consider taking part in the Welsh Iron Man Challenge during your caravan holiday in wales?

The Welsh Iron Man Challenge involves a 2.4 mile swim followed by a 112mile bike ride before ending with a 26.2 mile run, the winner is the ‘Iron Man Champion’ but as far as we are aware anyone that completes this incredibly tough challenge is an Iron Man in our eyes!

The Iron Man Challenge takes place in Pembrokeshire, the area is well-known for its breath-taking landscape, sandy beaches and spectacular coastline. However, we are unsure whether that will be what the iron men competitors will be looking at as they attempt to complete the race.

If you would like to try something a little bit different during your caravanning holiday in wales then why not put your name down for the Welsh Iron Man Challenge, it takes place on Sunday 8th September and appropriate sportswear is definitely recommended!

Lads and ladies night out

pub quizVisit Worcestershire this Tuesday to join in with the weekly pub quiz night!

Test your general knowledge among some of the village locals and see what you really know about the history of Greece, who wrote pride and prejudice or who is supposed man’s best friend? With such a variety of questions, this pub quiz is unique and is sure to test your brain!

If quizzes just aren’t your thing, then how about participating in the pub pool tournament, which is held every Thursday during the summer holidays. Show your friends up with your great pool skills, hints and tricks and prepare yourself for an intense game against some of the best in Worcestershire!

Both of these events make for the perfect night out with the family, your other half or even just a pub night with your friends to help you enhance your family caravan holiday and get involved in something fun and entertaining. Bring your all-time pool champion granddad to have a game with the guys or come along with your general knowledge queen grandma to wipe out all the other teams and claim that shiny trophy that everyone in sight.

Visit Worcestershire for a fantastic addition to your summer holidays.