No Lions At The Springs


The search for a Lion in Essex has been called off after Police said the sightings were probably just a ‘large domestic cat’.

Officers had previously spent 24 hours searching for the large animal after locals had said they heard ‘roars’ and spotted it near a caravan park. The park is near St Osyth, Clacton-on-Sea, and the search began when people claimed to have seen the creature.

The sightings and photographs were shown to the local zoo, whilst the other locals have reportedly heard roaring nearby. The search was called off as no lion was found and no evidence had suggested there was one. Police also advised everyone to return to their ‘normal lives’.

If you enjoy wildlife that is a lot safer than a roaming Lion and want to enjoy a caravan park where this sort of behavior is very unlikely then there is always The Springs Holiday Park. The park in Worcestershire has access to a wide range nature reserves on the complex which boasts many wildlife which won’t need the Police to come out and start a search. Instead, you can sit, relax and enjoy your holiday in a tranquil environment.

Wildlife is on your doorstep and you I can assure you; you will not hear any roars, maybe the occasional tweet, but no roars. There are plenty of fishing lakes too which also bring a lot of different birds to the park, especially around this time of year.

The holiday park also has green field sites, as well as other landscaped grounds which create the perfect habitat for plenty of wildlife, so have your camera’s ready. The park is open 10 months in the year and has never seen or heard of any sightings of a Lion or any other large wild cat, so you can rest in peace and enjoy your holiday!

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