Happy Snapper


A large Snapping Turtle has been seen, again, on the fishing river at Wootton Hall, Warwickshire.

The happy snapper has been spotted a few times by fishing holidayers at the Wootton Hall Residential Park in Wootton Wawen. The turtle, said to be the size of a dustbin lid, has been upsetting fishermen on the river by chewing through their nets. Not only has the Turtle been chewing through the nets of the fishermen but it has also been interfering with the tackle.

People at the Park are unsure to where the Turtle has come from but believe it was a family pet released to the wild tens of years ago. The Turtle has been a visitor to the holiday park over the past few years by showing its face around the lake a few times.

Wootton Hall is situated in the Midland’s premier Residential Park and has ideally placed for mature residents that like to have a quiet peaceful environment. That peace has been jeopardised by the large turtle, but don’t worry, the turtle has only been seen a few times over the years it’s been at the park and the peace is restored as always. The park is fully developed and has its own shop, post office, club and Bowling Green as well as the fishing lake where the large snapper has been causing a stir.

The park also boasts being local to the doctor’s surgery, the supermarket, the train station as well as other amenities, which all make the site an ideal location for a retirement home or holiday home.

Plan your visit and maybe you can spot the happy snapper yourself!

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