“Carry On Camping” Is the New Cool

When you picture a caravan holiday you may picture a dreary image of a family squashed in a caravan playing scrabble or monopoly with the rain hammering down outside. It’s not a great image and I can understand why you might be put off – but it now seems that caravans are the new hip image!

Adventure Sport Lovers like skiers, surfers and divers love the caravans as a way to get on holiday easily and cheaply and have everything they need in one place.

In fact the sales of caravans went up by 24% in the past year alone!

Could this also be down to the celebrities enjoying caravans for their holidays and travels?

For example Jamie Oliver has chosen his campervan instead of private jets and limo’s while on his recent tour. This was great for him as it meant he could travel around with his wife and family and have plenty of available space for his whole family to sleep and relax.

Celebrities such as Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Peter Kay (a well known celebrity) have been seen snooping around the latest caravan and mobile home models on the market.

Caravan holidays are also ideal for young couples or groups of friends in their twenties of thirties as it’s a great way of getting out there for a fun and action packed holiday at a low price. Caravans are now more popularly used for getting out there to find virgin snow, gorgeous fishing lakes and great waves for surfing and other water sports.

If you are looking for a fishing holiday and not sure where you can take your caravan to stay, why not call Allens Caravans and see what they have on offer.

Alternatively, Allens Caravans have some amazing static caravans available for hire or even a superb and cosy log cabin.

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