Why Buy a Park Home for Your Retirement

As we start to get older we consider moving home so we can be closer to family and friends. No longer are we tied to busy towns because of work, but now we’re retired we can consider living anywhere we want to. This is when some people may consider purchasing a park home.

You may find that a park home is better for security, as with Allens Caravans and many other Residential Parks are classed as the ultimate in neighbourhood watch. Unlike your normal street, your neighbours will not be out at work all day, there are security gates to enter and leave and the park becomes like a village where everyone knows everyone.

Park Homes also tend to have less maintenance concerns and they tend to much easier to maintain. You may find that a Park Home is warmer than your current home as all park homes are well insulated, have central heating, double glazing and energy-efficient boilers – no more sitting in the cold for you.

With a park home there are no steps to trip on within your home, as they are similar to bungalows. The park home is a large house but all on one level, meaning that if you become ill you are not trapped upstairs.

If you decide to purchase a park home it can also free up a lot of money that it locked up by your home as it will be cheaper. This will once again give you back your hard earned cash which you can use to enjoy yourself.

Getting a park home is like designing your own home. There is lots of flexibility in lay out, size and design of your park home and you have one to three bedrooms, a ensuite, sitting room and dining area if you so choose. You can also have your bathroom and kitchen fitted to the design you choose. You can now have that house you have always dreamed of.

When choosing a park home from Allens Caravans you also have the peace of mind that you are dealing with a company that have been making customer happy since the mid 1930s, over eighty years ago!

If you’re considering a move when you retire, then why not look into a Park Home? They are affordable, low maintenance, safe and can look exactly how you want them to look.

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