Entertain the Children during the Holiday Journey

Entertain the Children during the Holiday JourneyAs parents, we all know how bored children can get on their way to the family caravan holiday so it’s really important that you keep your children entertained during the journey – to help protect the sanity of your whole family. In this article we discuss just a few things you and your family can do to keep stop boredom on the journey to your caravanning holiday;

  • Play ‘I Spy’, it’s a really simple game where the first person says “I Spy something beginning with …” and then gives the first letter that everyone in the car can see. For example it may be something beginning with ‘c’ and the answer could be cars. Everyone takes turn to guess what it could be and the first one who gets it right is the next person to have a go!
  • Find the Car. The driver calls out a colour and everyone must shout when they see that colour car. The first person to spot five cars of the selected colour wins that round and then chooses the next colour car to spot.
  • Make a Word is a game for older children. You all have to spot words in the number plates on cars that go past you on the road. Numbers can be used as letters, for example 3 can be E and 0 can be O.
  • You can play ‘Catch the Waves’ this is when you wave out the window on your side of the car and count how many people wave back. A time limit is put on the game and the winner is the person who gets the most waves back from drivers.

What games do you play on long car journeys to your caravan holiday?


The Life Cycle of a Marshmallow

The Life Cycle of a Marshmallow

The lifecycle of a marshmallow is a pretty sad state of events, it starts out all squishy and happy and then it goes off on a family caravan holiday and gets stabbed through the middle with a stick, fork or prong. The marshmallow then gets put over a BBQ at the holiday park and gets toasted ready for munching by those enjoying their family caravanning holiday. That’s it; the happy squishy marshmallow has been born, stabbed, burnt and then chomped on – what a sorry state of affairs?

If you feel sorry for the marshmallow then why not consider some other sweet treats to enjoy on your caravan holiday, sweet treat ideas that still involve a family BBQ but with no harm to the happy squishy marshmallow?

Maybe try something like chocolate bananas? Take the banana out of its skin, make small slits in the banana and put chocolate buttons into these slits. Then wrap the banana in tinfoil and place in the coals of the BBQ. After a few minutes you will be able to enjoy a delicious (and a little bit healthy) dessert without any harm being caused to happy squishy marshmallows!