The Life Cycle of a Marshmallow

The Life Cycle of a Marshmallow

The lifecycle of a marshmallow is a pretty sad state of events, it starts out all squishy and happy and then it goes off on a family caravan holiday and gets stabbed through the middle with a stick, fork or prong. The marshmallow then gets put over a BBQ at the holiday park and gets toasted ready for munching by those enjoying their family caravanning holiday. That’s it; the happy squishy marshmallow has been born, stabbed, burnt and then chomped on – what a sorry state of affairs?

If you feel sorry for the marshmallow then why not consider some other sweet treats to enjoy on your caravan holiday, sweet treat ideas that still involve a family BBQ but with no harm to the happy squishy marshmallow?

Maybe try something like chocolate bananas? Take the banana out of its skin, make small slits in the banana and put chocolate buttons into these slits. Then wrap the banana in tinfoil and place in the coals of the BBQ. After a few minutes you will be able to enjoy a delicious (and a little bit healthy) dessert without any harm being caused to happy squishy marshmallows!


Want To Do A Fitness Test During Your Wales Caravan Holiday?

welsh iron man challengeIf you are feeling fit and healthy then why not consider taking part in the Welsh Iron Man Challenge during your caravan holiday in wales?

The Welsh Iron Man Challenge involves a 2.4 mile swim followed by a 112mile bike ride before ending with a 26.2 mile run, the winner is the ‘Iron Man Champion’ but as far as we are aware anyone that completes this incredibly tough challenge is an Iron Man in our eyes!

The Iron Man Challenge takes place in Pembrokeshire, the area is well-known for its breath-taking landscape, sandy beaches and spectacular coastline. However, we are unsure whether that will be what the iron men competitors will be looking at as they attempt to complete the race.

If you would like to try something a little bit different during your caravanning holiday in wales then why not put your name down for the Welsh Iron Man Challenge, it takes place on Sunday 8th September and appropriate sportswear is definitely recommended!

Lads and ladies night out

pub quizVisit Worcestershire this Tuesday to join in with the weekly pub quiz night!

Test your general knowledge among some of the village locals and see what you really know about the history of Greece, who wrote pride and prejudice or who is supposed man’s best friend? With such a variety of questions, this pub quiz is unique and is sure to test your brain!

If quizzes just aren’t your thing, then how about participating in the pub pool tournament, which is held every Thursday during the summer holidays. Show your friends up with your great pool skills, hints and tricks and prepare yourself for an intense game against some of the best in Worcestershire!

Both of these events make for the perfect night out with the family, your other half or even just a pub night with your friends to help you enhance your family caravan holiday and get involved in something fun and entertaining. Bring your all-time pool champion granddad to have a game with the guys or come along with your general knowledge queen grandma to wipe out all the other teams and claim that shiny trophy that everyone in sight.

Visit Worcestershire for a fantastic addition to your summer holidays.

Beat that empty October schedule

Leedons ParkYou’ve just looked at your October schedule and to your disgust, the whole month is empty! Well, how about filling that calendar right up with the Leedon’s Park Residential Open Weekend where you can view some of the upmost park homes and have a peep at the luxurious interiors that Leedon Park has to offer.

Whether you’re looking to buy or just to have a browse, a full team of staff will be on hand to offer expert advice and answer any questions that you may have regarding the homes, the site, the initial location, financial inquiries and anything else that may come to mind during your look around.

If you’re looking to book a cheap caravan holiday then you’ve chosen the right event, as the team at Leedon’s Park have specialist advice about the ideal location and can help you find the perfect park home for you.

With refreshments available, come and drop by Leedon’s Park to get a first-hand view at the exclusive variety of park homes they have on offer as well as the facilities the Park itself is equipped with for its current residents.

This is an open event, meaning that it avoids the hassle of booking fees and times so come and pop by if you fancy browsing through a wonderful selection of first-class park homes.

National Psychic Week

national psychic weekThe 5th – 9th August is known by spiritualists across the United Kingdom as National Psychic Week. It’s a week when spiritualists can come together, whether they are experienced practitioners, beginners, or just trying to see what it’s all about.

Why not try out your psychic abilities during National Psychic Week, or you could book a cheap caravan holiday in Worcestershire towards the end of the month and pop along to the Psychic Circle at Wribbenhall Community Centre?

The Psychic Development Circle will give you the chance to take your first steps along your spiritual highway, or if you are an experienced psychic the circle will help you work towards not just a higher level of understanding but competence too.

The circle offers you the chance to move forward with the group while sharing your experiences and wisdom within the psychic world, the event is run through love and light and each circle costs just £5 per person.

If you are looking for weekend away ideas on your caravan break then why not consider trying out this psychic evening in Worcestershire?

First Hand Advice For Second Hand Products

second hand static caravanThere is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a second hand static caravan providing you buy from a reliable dealer and you make sure the static caravan is in good condition for its given price.

The best thing before you start looking to buy a second hand static caravan is to do your research.

By researching which caravan is best suited to your lifestyle, you can move one step closer to being prepared to buy your own. Also, becoming familiar with the kinds of prices that second hand caravans go for will prove to be beneficial when looking to buy.

The safest bet will be purchasing from a park owner. This will guarantee a pitch as well as a good quality caravan as it will be displayed on his own park.

In saying this, you can buy from a dealer as long as he is willing to arrange to move it onto a park that is to your liking; however dealers are sometimes not as reliable and honest as most park owners would be, so ensure you find a dealer you trust.

Bear in mind if you have decided to buy privately to be attentive to the little details. This means making sure that there are no outstanding bills from the previous owner and that it is free of HP.

In all cases, it is vital that you check with the park owner to make sure there is an actual pitch for your static caravan on his site and how long you can have that pitch for.

When you’ve found a second hand static caravan that takes your fancy, be sure to take someone who knows a lot about them to ensure you don’t fall into a dealers easy money trap.

Check for everything from mouldy damp patches to any broken facilities that have suffered a little wear and tear and that could affect the initial cost of the caravan. Keep a sharp eye out for any signs of corrosion, leakage or rotting flooring that could pose as a potential health and safety risk.

A tip for thoroughly scouting out the caravan is to look for any signs that Mr DIY has paid a visit. Ask yourself, does everything look original? This is crucial when looking at gas and electrical fittings.

The main thing is when you’re looking for your ideal second hand static caravan is to have fun, don’t stress and have patience.

How to Look After Your Sited Static Caravan










Here, at Allens Caravans we have lots of Sited Static Caravans and Used Static Caravans for Sale. In this article we tell you how you can prevent fire in your sited static caravan ensuring safety and comfort for you, your family and your friends.

  • Make sure you don’t overload your power sockets as this result in them being overheated and could cause fire in your static caravan. It is important to ensure the wires are not twisted either.
  • If you have gas appliances in your static caravan make sure they are checked at least once a year by a Gas Engineer who is CORGI Registered.
  • Electric Appliances can cause fire as well if they’re not in the right condition, make sure they are regularly checked, serviced and replaced as often as needed.
  • Fire Alarms and Smoke Alarms are the first line of defence if there was a fire in your home, make sure you regularly test your fire and smoke alarm.
  • It is really important that you do not smoke inside your static caravan. Not only does it cause the nasty smell in your home but it can also increase the risk of a fire.
  • Make sure everything in your home is ‘child safe’. It should not be possible for your children to fiddle with dials and turn an electric oven or boiler on, as that could then result in a potential fire risk.