Haul out your old caravan for your next holiday!

Did you know that there are more than one million caravans currently in use in the UK; almost 5% of which were bought this year. However, while more people appear to be purchasing caravans, there is a considerable amount of people that have caravans sitting in their garage collecting dust.

The good news is that caravanning is starting to become popular again in the UK and here are some reasons why!

Finances are limited  

Let’s face it, times are hard, most of us are on a very limited budget which doesn’t allow for a holiday abroad. So, you cannot take a luxury trip to paradise but there are some lovely locations in the UK which cater to caravans for a fraction of the cost.

Family time!

To coin a phrase, a family that goes caravanning together, stays together! There simply is no better way to bond with your family than to take them on a caravan holiday. It brings everyone together and really strengthens the family bonds.


Parents will likely have some cherished memories of caravan holidays with the family and want to share those experiences with their own children. So clean up your old caravan and take a look at some of the best caravan holidays in the UK!