Lads and ladies night out

pub quizVisit Worcestershire this Tuesday to join in with the weekly pub quiz night!

Test your general knowledge among some of the village locals and see what you really know about the history of Greece, who wrote pride and prejudice or who is supposed man’s best friend? With such a variety of questions, this pub quiz is unique and is sure to test your brain!

If quizzes just aren’t your thing, then how about participating in the pub pool tournament, which is held every Thursday during the summer holidays. Show your friends up with your great pool skills, hints and tricks and prepare yourself for an intense game against some of the best in Worcestershire!

Both of these events make for the perfect night out with the family, your other half or even just a pub night with your friends to help you enhance your family caravan holiday and get involved in something fun and entertaining. Bring your all-time pool champion granddad to have a game with the guys or come along with your general knowledge queen grandma to wipe out all the other teams and claim that shiny trophy that everyone in sight.

Visit Worcestershire for a fantastic addition to your summer holidays.

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