First Hand Advice For Second Hand Products

second hand static caravanThere is absolutely nothing wrong with buying a second hand static caravan providing you buy from a reliable dealer and you make sure the static caravan is in good condition for its given price.

The best thing before you start looking to buy a second hand static caravan is to do your research.

By researching which caravan is best suited to your lifestyle, you can move one step closer to being prepared to buy your own. Also, becoming familiar with the kinds of prices that second hand caravans go for will prove to be beneficial when looking to buy.

The safest bet will be purchasing from a park owner. This will guarantee a pitch as well as a good quality caravan as it will be displayed on his own park.

In saying this, you can buy from a dealer as long as he is willing to arrange to move it onto a park that is to your liking; however dealers are sometimes not as reliable and honest as most park owners would be, so ensure you find a dealer you trust.

Bear in mind if you have decided to buy privately to be attentive to the little details. This means making sure that there are no outstanding bills from the previous owner and that it is free of HP.

In all cases, it is vital that you check with the park owner to make sure there is an actual pitch for your static caravan on his site and how long you can have that pitch for.

When you’ve found a second hand static caravan that takes your fancy, be sure to take someone who knows a lot about them to ensure you don’t fall into a dealers easy money trap.

Check for everything from mouldy damp patches to any broken facilities that have suffered a little wear and tear and that could affect the initial cost of the caravan. Keep a sharp eye out for any signs of corrosion, leakage or rotting flooring that could pose as a potential health and safety risk.

A tip for thoroughly scouting out the caravan is to look for any signs that Mr DIY has paid a visit. Ask yourself, does everything look original? This is crucial when looking at gas and electrical fittings.

The main thing is when you’re looking for your ideal second hand static caravan is to have fun, don’t stress and have patience.

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