Preparing For Your Cheap Caravan Holiday

check tyresThousands of people every year enjoy short breaks in the UK to caravan parks and holiday parks. In this article we cover some top tips for things you need to check and prepare before popping off onto your caravan holiday in the UK.

  • You need to check your tyres before going; it may be wise to get the manual out as a car full of luggage will need a different level of air compared to an empty car with just you in it going to work. Tyres with the correct air pressure will help with the handling and fuel efficiency of the car.
  • Have a look under the bonnet before you leave for your holiday. Make sure the oil, windscreen wash fluid and coolant are topped up; fill up your fuel before you go too.
  • Especially in the warmer weather, make sure you pack plenty of drinks and snacks, during the summer period you can end up getting stuck in traffic jams for a long period of time so you need to make sure you have enough fluids.
  • Listening to the radio is a great source of in-car entertainment but local radio stations will change regularly on longer journeys so maybe pack some tapes or CDs to listen to on the journey.
  • It is always a good idea to expect the unexpected, make sure you have a spare tyre, make tyre you have your phone and an in-car charger maybe pack a blanket in the boot in car first aid kitand a first aid kit. These little things can come in really handy in case of an emergency.

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