Making Your Caravan Decoration Budget Friendly

making your caravan decoration budget friendlySo you have purchased a second hand caravan and thinking to make it as one of your retirement properties because your retirement is in a few years’ time, then just buying it is not enough. A second hand caravan could look good from the outside but it may lack that bit of sparkle on the inside. A good thing to avoid it is to update the interior of the caravan but since you have already splashed a lot on buying it, you need to revamp the interior sensibly.

Sticking to budget can prove difficult, so using items from your existing home or buy unwanted items from your friend and family will save you money. These small additions would change the way your caravan interior appears. Let’s begin with what you have at home; if you have a wooden wine rack, for example, then you can use it to keep newspapers or to keep the shoes. This way there will be less clutter and mess inside the caravan, plus visitors will praise you for your clever idea (shhh, don’t tell them you read it here).

christmas coloured bulbsInstead of having high voltage bulbs, place Christmas lights in single color along the frame of the caravan windows. This takes very less energy plus they look really relaxing at night. If the interior wall of the caravan is in a bad state, instead of repainting it, cover it with wallpaper. It is much easier to change the wallpaper, rather than changing the paint.

Plastic foldable chairs are easily available in the market and upon bulk purchase usually a discount is also offered. The reason for choosing foldable chairs is the space limitation inside the plastic foldable chaircaravan. Foldable chairs are much easier to take around as well such as by the river side. Heavy chairs would be difficult to move around plus they deteriorate much faster with passage of time than plastic chairs.

Last but not the least; you can buy furniture with sliding drawers and any hidden compartment that it could accommodate. This way the caravan will continue to look spacious. When you are overhauling the interior do give a due thought to any exterior repair as well so that it doesn’t bite you back when you least expect it to. Above all it will be your home when you will be in fragile age of your life.

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