Top Fishing Holiday Destinations In UK

fishing holidayFishing can be both a hobby or a sport. Whether you like to sit peacefully aside a riverbank or want to fish in presence of scenic views then there are countless options available. Fishing holidays in the UK give you a great opportunity to enjoy some of the finest fishing riverbanks and scenic landscapes. From Wales to Yorkshire, let’s take a look at the top fishing holiday destinations in the U.K.


This is one of best places for fishing, which is why it is at the top of the list. Besides the breathtaking sceneries and the amazing rivers, the real reason why Oxfordshire tops the list is because of its public lakes spread throughout the county. The county has wonderful lakes for fishing such as the Cheyney manor Lakes, Ladygrove lakes and also the Glebe Court Lakes.


Devon is famously known as one of the most beautiful parts of UK and what makes it all the better is that it has incredible fishing along its rugged coastlines.  If you head towards the south coast, you will get to experience the best sea fishing, where fishing boats and guides are easily available at your convenience. If you aren’t too thrilled by extreme fishing then you can very conveniently head down to one of the many fisheries for a more calm and enjoyable fishing experience.


Wales is particularly famous for some of the best fishing in UK simply because it has a lot of coarse, game fishing and sea fishing. If you are looking for the best rivers and lakes in Wales then you should head towards the flyfishing in walesseafront like Cardigan Bay. The mountain lakes and the rivers of Wales are where you will find carp, trout and salmon and also a huge variety of other kinds of fish.


Yorkshire is another of the top fishing holiday destinations on the list because it features one of the most beautiful countryside and has the most magnificent coastline in all of UK. There are wonderful places for fishing available in Yorkshire and you will have the time of your life while fishing and looking at these breath taking views.


Scotland is another amazing fishing holiday destination and is a favourite amongst many mainly because it offers salmon fishing. The breath taking views of the rivers are simply amazing for holidays and have countless fishing Scotland-flagspots for you to choose from. The great thing about Scotland is that you can fish there all year round without ever losing interest because it has so much to offer.

Fishing holidays are a great way to unwind and get away from your day to day busy life and just relax and do what you love. You can do this whilst being surrounded by some of the most beautiful sceneries throughout the UK too.

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