I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside

Christmas ended up being more money than you thought this year, but fear not, you can still have a holiday and not have to break the bank.article-1081650-02DAC8AA00000578-524_468x473

Just because you overspent on this year’s Christmas presents and the turkey, it doesn’t mean your annual holiday ha to suffer. There are plenty of options throughout Britain that will be below your budget and you will have the same, if not more fun that you would during a week in Spain.

Admittedly, you may not come back and be able to boast a brilliant tan to your friends, but what you will have is memories of a great holiday after spending them on home soil. You also won’t have to spend your spare time trying to convert your Euro’s back to pounds as the same currency is used throughout the UK. The conversion rate can often be confusing at times too, so at least you’ll know what your money is worth.

If you’re one to enjoy countryside walks and the Great British seaside, then you’re probably already sold but if you don’t then the holiday parks throughout our nation are full of other entertainment that can make a holiday be a brilliant one.

On a holiday in Spain may predominantly be spent sat by the pool and enjoying a dip once in a while but why would that have to change? The parks around the UK boast both outdoor and indoor heated pools, so no matter what the weather is you can enjoy having a splash.


There is other entertainment too with many parks hosting entertainment throughout the day and during the evening. As well as this there are also games rooms and towns and cities are drives away, which mean you can shop till you drop in a range of great urban and rural areas. Each holiday park has its own individual characteristics and each one will suit you and your family.

Don’t knock it until you try it and see just how good a holiday in the UK can be.

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