Floods Cause Caravan Park to Evacuate

Residents of the Billing Aquadrome had to evacuate their properties after heavy rain caused flooding.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

About 60 people at the Billing Aquadrome Caravan Park, Northamptonshire had to leave their holiday homes as the Environment Agency advised them to do so last Thursday. There are hundreds of places that have been affected by the floods and Northamptonshire is no different. Those that were advised to leave the site stayed at the Lings Forum leisure centre in Northampton. Many holiday home owners and guests were advised to return to their residential addresses.

BRC logoEdith Wesley, British Red Cross senior service manager in Northamptonshire, said: “Our team of dedicated volunteers are working hard to help people at the centre who had to leave their homes. Since residents can’t get access to the park, we have also been helping those who have had to leave behind vital belongings which they need in their everyday lives.”

Environment agency logoThe Aquadrome is one of seven areas of the county still covered by flood warnings from the Environment Agency. Results show that, Northamptonshire has already suffered over twice the monthly average rain fall. Acting on advice given by the Environment Agency and emergency services, the Billing Aquadrome is remaining closed until Friday 30th November.

British-RiversThis news is likely to affect 600 people who were evacuated last week, some of whom are still sleeping in temporary accommodation. The River levels are expected to remain high for several days.

Andy Wilkinson from the Environment Agency said, “Although we’re hoping river levels don’t get any higher, it does all depend on the weather. We’ll be monitoring this closely over the next few days and issuing warnings as necessary.”

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