Wildfowl’s Winter Wonderland


Winter homes in and so does the wildfowl at The Springs, Worcestershire.

The Springs have welcome an array of different birds to their lakes at Near Pershore, as the weather takes a turn for the worse. There have been large flocks of Geese, Ducks, Moor Hens and many others to the lakes over recent weeks to add to the already preserved wildlife on offer. The new lease of life has congregated on the 6 lakes of this green field development, making each lake a picturesque setting.

The lakes are well stocked with fish which draw in the birds when they find it hard to find food elsewhere. Flocks of Geese in particular can reach numbers in the hundreds which makes for a pleasant viewing.

The tranquil setting of this park combines 6 lakes, one of which is set over 8 acres and is overlooked by a members’ clubhouse. The rest of the lakes are used predominantly for fishing purposes, which is one of the main reasons so much wildfowl have travelled to these parts.

The hugely spacious grounds allow the opportunity to view a host of different wildlife with plenty of room for you and them. With the nature reserves, landscaped gardens and fish-rich waters, it’s no wonder that the birds have decided to set up camp here.

The Springs are the ultimate in Luxury Holiday Homes and with the arrival of the wildfowl it makes the location even more desirable for the Christmas holidays approaching. The weather is getting colder but by no means does that have to keep you indoors, especially with the amount of wildlife on offer.

There are other facilities available which include an indoor heated pool, water sports and private fishing which all help to improve the experience of the park. The park is also open 10 months of the year which gives you plenty of opportunity to enjoy the scenery no matter what season.

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